Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bill Drake Band Rocks Hungary.

As Bill Drake performs on stage, a peace and joy radiates on his face as he tells the large auditorium of Hungarians the hope they can have in knowing Jesus.

“I love to see people come to know Jesus,” said Drake smiling, sitting casually with a cup of tea. “Transformation is an intentional process and we are contributing to an intentional process,” he added. “I hope our tour flows where God is intersecting … providing the piece of the puzzle where God wants when we arrive at a city to perform.”

The tour Drake is referring to is a two-week long venture, first beginning at two children’s camps teaching arts and then on to the rest of Hungary where the Bill Drake Band and dancers will perform, sharing the message of the Gospel

The band, comprised of five men from the USA, performs various worship songs, many written by Drake himself. Performing is not a new thing for Drake. He has been touring with the Bill Drake Band for over 20 years to many parts of the world and has visited Hungary five times with his first visit in 1993.

Drake said nations like Hungary who have faced oppression in the past, are usually those who have the most impact upon hearing the message of Christ. “We come in with the message ‘you are precious, meaningful and a valuable contribution,’” said Drake. “It’s empowering stuff.”

The band’s first performance in Érd, Hungary on July, 19 drew a large audience, many who braved the heat of the auditorium to hear the testimonies of band members as well as witness dances put on by the dance team. 

The energy of the band members was evident as they performed. Despite the warm temperatures, the band enthusiastically clapped along to the music and encouraged the audience to do the same. “Jesus Christ is the reason we sing and we want to dedicate this concert to Him and sing to Him!” said Drake.

What stood out to Drake was after the concert, two members of the local media approached him for an interview, while also giving him encouraging feedback about the performance. “The local paper said it was one of the best classic rock concerts he’s been to,” said Drake. While the “TV reporter was very impressed with the authenticity of the testimonies and could tell they were straight from the heart,” said Drake smiling.

Ultimately, Drake said the band is here to help mobilize the local churches and assist in missions work. “We are here to help … not here to be famous, but rather be a part,” he said. The Bill Drake Band continued on touring to other Hungarian cities and towns sharing the important message of Jesus.

The Bill Drake Band is a ministry of OM Arts International.

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