Wednesday, June 15, 2011

O.M. Arts School of Mission Scheduled to Open in Italy!

Go anywhere in the world and talk to anyone committed to arts ministry.  Over and over again, you’ll hear the same thing: “God is moving in new ways through the arts.”  So much is happening that clearly God’s hand is behind this movement.

That is exactly how we feel about the upcoming OM Arts School of Mission.  For years Operation Mobilisation (OM) has been dreaming about pushing beyond short-term mission trips to start placing long-term artists as cross-cultural witnesses for Jesus. An obvious step in that direction would involve an intensive arts-in-mission training. But when and where?

Then suddenly, late last year God started answering those questions.  The OM team in Italy offered it's new facility, Forterocca in a beautiful Alpine valley.  The dates became clear: mid February, 2012 for 11 weeks.

What artist hasn’t dreamed of taking three months to dedicate to their craft?  The OM Arts School of Mission fulfills this dream and more.  Not only will the schedule dedicate plenty of individual studio time, but the student artists will gain a widened perspective through ample teaching and immersion in the local community. 

The OM Arts School of Mission is not the place to go and learn your craft.  Instead, it is the place where already dedicated Christian dancers, musicians and visual artists can spend time infusing their lives and their art with God’s heart, beauty and power.

Not too long back, some of the people who were designing the curriculum got to sit down for coffee with Jim and Anne Mills of Creative Arts Europe.  Throughout three decades of service there are few, if any, who are more familiar and involved in being a witness through the arts in Europe. Quite simply, Jim declared that to his knowledge there is nothing comparable to the OM Arts School of Mission currently available in all of Europe.

So, it seems that God is placing the OM Arts School of Mission on the leading edge of reclaiming the arts in Europe for His kingdom.  What believing artist would not want to be a part of that? Significantly, this valley is where the Waldensian movement took root in the Thirteenth century.  Despite deadly persecution, the Waldensians were fearless in training missionaries to preach the Word of God not in Latin, but in the common tongue of the day.  Now in this same location, we get to once again train missionaries to communicate His narrative in a culturally relevant way.
The dream for this school began with God.  It will only be fulfilled through God.  The prevalent cultures of Europe and the art world are awfully alienated from God.  But with the original creator on our side, who are we to walk away?  Pray the school meets its maximum potential.  Imagine the reconciliation possible in countless lives and whole cultures as a steady stream of artists are prepared to live out the truth and beauty of Christ in their lives and in their art!

If you or an artist you know are ready for a stretched faith, you don't want to miss this historic opportunity.  The OM Arts School of Mission will have limited space for each of the three different disciplines.    More details, as well as application info are linked here for
   visual artists

Questions?  Send them here.

by Mat Carson, Director of Training, OM Arts International


  1. Awesome news! Well done everyone for all your hard work to make this happen.

  2. Sounds great!!

  3. this sounds awesome and i would love to come and participate! It might have to be the next time around for me though because that will be my last semester of College at Biola University.

    This is exciting!

  4. Go for it Mat - no question that this is the season - look forward to catching up and hearing of all the new developments. Until soon... Jim M

  5. Thanks for the encouragement, friends! God is certainly in this, the way so many good people are coming around the project. Keep praying that the school would reach its maximum potential!

  6. This sounds amazing, although are there no places for actors?


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