Monday, September 12, 2011

Connecting to a Community Through Art, One Life at a Time.

An OM Arts International team touched people's hearts with their art forms this past summer on a short-term missions trip to Belgium. On one particular day, the team used various art forms to reach people in a park with the Gospel. A homeless man listened to the worship music and heard some of God's word. His eyes filled up with tears. Katie who sat singing with the group moved out of her comfort zone and sat beside him. 

This simple act was enough for this Portugal born immigrant to start pouring out his heart. Katie could do nothing more than listen as best she could to the cathartic release in Portuguese. He stayed for the next few hours enjoying fellowship and music. As some of his homeless friends came by we saw a change in this softened man’s demeanor. He became flirtatious and began to drink again. Just as it seemed that he was returning to the only world he knew he pulled out a very small and obvious precious picture of a young girl: his daughter. He gave the picture to one of our team members and ask if she could draw it bigger for him. Homeless, an alcoholic but still a father who kept this treasure close to his heart. We now understood why the letter from his ‘Almighty Father’ had touch him so deeply and brought tears to his eyes. We all have experiences that God draws on to illustrate his love to us. He is the Great Artist!

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