Friday, May 14, 2010

Dustin Kelm - Champion Unicyclist: More than Just a Show!

"OMG, he is soo cool.
He came to my school.
Which is so cool.
I cant believe he came.
I got a high-five from him.
That was fun.
There was this thing for kids here.
He was there all weekend teaching kids how to unicycle.
Except the farthest someone could go was about half the gym.
But thats good because we have a big gym.
I called my friend down from the audience,
And [Dustin] JUMPED over him

While on the unicycle.
It was very cool to see."

For more information about UniShow or to book him for your school, youth group, church or group gathering, contact Dustin Kelm via his web site:   or  email:

Also check out Dustin's blog!

UniShow is a ministry of
OM Arts International

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