Friday, May 28, 2010

Artists' Gallery an Inspiring Place of Restoration and Hope

 "Wow!" exclaimed Fetiha as she stepped into the door with two other North African friends. She walked around, a hot glass of mint tea in her hand, and took in the transformation of the warehouse-turned-
art-studio.  Artwork from a mixture of local artists and immigrants graced the walls of the lively-colored space. Some sat on modern couches and talked about the work while others milled about and chatted with artists. Several children, paint brushes in hand, added their personal touches to the mural, a work in progress. The images in the mural illustrated life, love, community, and freedom. Bright colors and a splash of graffiti lettering reminded guests that art is for everyone.

After much prayer, dreaming, hard work, and messy hands, the opening night of the art studio and gallery in Spain was quite an event.  The place heated up as a mixture of people from various cultures and backgrounds took in the art and toured the new space. One believing artist whose work was exhibited noted that interest in her work spawned several conversations about birth and rebirth, loss and second chances. She found a natural way to connect with viewers and plant seeds of hope.

Pray that workers at the art studio will be a positive spiritual influence in the city. As they live out a community of Kingdom values, pray that others would be drawn in by their love and joy. Also pray for financial sustenance from the workshops and events they will offer at the studio.


  1. So awesome! Thanks Mark for so faithfully chronicling this wonderful tapestry that is OM Arts. God Bless you mate!

  2. Betsy from Logos HopeJune 2, 2010 at 10:02 PM

    This is really interesting! It's great to hear what you guys are doing around the world. Keep it up.


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