Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Portraying Christ Artistically in Christian Missions.

Ashley, a dancer and painter, returned recently from serving two years as a Christian missionary in Western Asia with a traveling performing arts team. She journeyed across the region, taking part in performances that shared stories of God's transforming power and love. She also held her own art exhibition, showing paintings that portray redemption through Christ.

She wrote about her experience, saying, “Visual communication seems to simplify things while explaining difficult concepts. Having an extended period of time to learn about the people and the culture allowed for my paintings to portray specific aspects of their lives, while showing Christ as the solution. I often approached a piece not knowing how I wanted it to look, but knowing what concept I wanted to portray. I needed to release my grip on my work and learn to trust God to work through what I created. Results weren't always tangible, but God's peace came through the work and the surrounding atmosphere and was seen and felt by the viewers."

Ashley also spent time learning the local language, choreographing dances and drinking tea. The OM Arts team is grateful to God for Ashley and her heart for world missions. Please pray for more like Ashley to serve God in missions through the creative arts.

More information can be found at: OM Arts International or Operation Mobilization.

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