Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vienna School for Singers: Influencing Individuals and Society through Music

“Stimmfabrik,” located in Vienna, is a school for singers. The founder, Richard Schmidt who worked with Operation Mobilization (OM), died just after setting up the school, and it was then pioneered by his wife, Melanie, and Andi, a fellow musician. They rented a building and now have five coaches and 150 students. “Our vision is to offer professional voice training, but as we go about our work, to also influence society through Christian values,” says Melanie. “When you work with someone on their voice, you go much deeper than just their vocal chords. The whole personality is involved, and if there are emotional blockages which hinder them from putting their ‘heart’ into the interpretation of a song, that soon becomes obvious. We are often able to engage in deep conversations about problems or hurts from the past and often have an open door to share about God’s help and healing power.” Corinna, one of the school’s students, says, “This place is like a church for me—more than most church buildings I know!”

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