Monday, April 12, 2010

Christian Artists Addressing Sex Trafficking Through Film

Jon Simpson of OM Arts International, a ministry of Operation Mobilization, in partnership with Clay Parker, founder of Riot Shark Media, have called attention to the huge sex trafficking problem here in the United States and specifically Atlanta, GA. "Olivia's Song" is a 17 minute film that emerged from Jon Simpson's song "Olivia." The film unflinchingly addresses the difficult topic of human trafficking, putting a face on the suffering of hundreds of thousands of victims. The film provides the hope that we can all be a part of to bring change to this social and spiritual problem in our world today.

"Olivia's Song" is a demonstration of how Christian artists can take action to bring about awareness and change. Jon Simpson, an artist involved in world missions, uses his skills and talents to ultimately help fulfill the great commission and bring people to Christ. A lot of Jon's focus is on international world missions but this project has brought his ministry much closer to home. Atlanta is a mission field, and Jon knows it. His desire is to use the arts to address social injustice with the hope that more awareness will generate more action - prayer, supporting ministries that directly rescue victims of human trafficking, and personal action towards wiping out this grim reality of American society.

You can view the promotional trailer of this film below and then contact Jon at to find out how you can host a group to view the free film together.

Olivia's Song Promo Trailer from Clay Parker on Vimeo.

OM Arts International 

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