Monday, February 15, 2010

OM Arts International Provides Christian Missions Opportunities for Artists

OM Arts International, a ministry of Operation Mobilization, has the vision to engage, empower, and mobilize professional creative artists to impact the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Enoch from Korea, performing Gospel Magic show on board OM's ministry ship Logos Hope.

OM Arts has a vision in:
Articulating God's heart for the world
Resourcing the church for creative communication
Training Christian Artists for Ministry
Serving the church and creative arts ministries around the world

Arts is a universal language through which perceived "truths" are received and embraced in most cultures. Redemptive art taps deeply into many of the major communicative themes of the Bible. It engages the imagination when creatively expressed Biblical themes intersect personal lives and world views. To the extent that the body of Christ engages in using the arts in communicating the Gospel, it not only mirrors God's creativity, but also identifies with his missional heart.

For more information on the arts in missions, contact OM Arts International.  1-800-899-0432
Arts in missions - imagine, illustrate, impact!

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